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General Introduction of Air Conditioner System

09:06 AM | 02/12/2013

Currently, the air conditioning system is very diverse, depending on the specific requirements that the designer can select the air conditioning system to ensure technical requirements and ensure the economic of capital investment and operating costs.

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Vidic ME – The Reputation Contractor M&E

09:03 AM | 02/12/2013

Vidic ME is the Contractor in M&E field. We undertake construction of electrical equipment, woks,projects of Electric Power System such as: water and electricity systems, electrodynamic systems, lighting systems, low voltage systems, surveillance camera systems, fire protection systems, fire alarm systems, water supply and drainage systems.....

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Saving power comsumtion of air conditioner system in the building

08:59 AM | 02/12/2013

Air-conditioning in buildings is regarded as one of the system power consumption number one. Last time, after a lot of changes, an air-conditioning system energy savings unsurpassed had come to market. However, due to a limited number of Vietnam markets as well as objective factors which bring air conditioning system energy savings have not yet been deployed on a large scale, effective and long-term positive for the community .

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Accurate Solutions of industrial refrigerating machine

08:52 AM | 02/12/2013

In this era of of scientific and technological, refrigerating machine is considered an indispensable equipment by the features and the effect it provides. Air conditioner makes the air in the room was maintained stable in temperature, humidity, cleanliness ...


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Mistakes in the design, construction fire protection system

08:48 AM | 02/12/2013

The firefighting high-rise buildings stems ineffective due to fire protection systems (fire) was designed and constructed not scientific while refrigeration system does not account for self-rescue plan.

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Career Workers (working in Vinh Phuc, Ha Noi, Bac Ninh)

08:18 AM | 03/10/2013

Career Workers (working in Vinh Phuc, Ha Noi, Bac Ninh)

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10:45 AM | 05/09/2013


Quantity: 02 people

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