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Vidic ME – The Reputation Contractor M&E

09:03 AM | 02/12/2013

Vidic ME is the Contractor in M&E field. We undertake construction of electrical equipment, woks,projects of Electric Power System such as: water and electricity systems, electrodynamic systems, lighting systems, low voltage systems, surveillance camera systems, fire protection systems, fire alarm systems, water supply and drainage systems ... for the buildings, offices, factories, shopping centers ..

Along with the team of engineers, technicians, officers, employees who have a high level of expertise and dedication to customer, VidicME commitment:

- Gives customers the original product - quality assurance and competitive price

    - Fast Payment and shipping services meet the customer requirements


     - Consulltant, design

     - Supplement

     -  Instalation and manual system

The main system related electrical works:

  • The Air Conditioner and Ventilation System
  • electrodynamic, lighting, low voltage systems.
  • Automatic control system
  • Drainage, sanitary equipment, water-treatment plant system
  • Fire protection system 
  • Construction the electric power system of workshop, high building, office, the surveillance camera systems, …

With the guideline " The customer satisfaction is the company's success", VidicME committed to bring our customers the peace of mind and satisfaction when using the products and services of our company.

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