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Mistakes in the design, construction fire protection system

09:08 AM | 02/12/2013

The firefighting high-rise buildings stems ineffective due to fire protection systems (fire) was designed and constructed not scientific while refrigeration system does not account for self-rescue plan.

Construction package of fire protection system in the buildings often of great value and scale. Modern promoted, ensuring absolute safety but if the design of the building fire protection system itself is the rescue has to resort to force out fire.

Think about that how many large fires that fire fighting system of building self-rescue or all "duds" out?

It can be seen in fires Saigon Trade Center 10 years ago, fires in the commercial centers, market, condominiums, high-rise buildings ... then all the external forces rescue, and fire fighting system in-home "silence".

It should also be noted that the small fires, new ignition, the CO2 fire extinguisher to put out enough safety. What I mean here is the fire protection system of steel water pipes in buildings, it's almost "misfire" when burning.

Personally, I think there are some mistakes specification as follows:

- The automatic nozzles designed only when the temperature above 70 degrees Celsius and exploded new artesian water The fire hydrant (rolls) in need, only the corridor layout. As a self-opening nozzle discharge any pressure drop in the pipes and pumps to pump water egotistical to the system, if power is lost Diesel rescue. It is designed for high-rise buildings that are applicable, but the new fire seen in the following error

- Automatic sprayers equipped to the teeth every square meter area in the building when the fire will not work. It is not enough to fire the temperature range 70 ° to detonate. When the fire not only that both fire smoke, so wait for it 70 degrees to detonate enough, perhaps people will die. This nozzle arrangement on the ceiling 2.5 to

Conclusion: the design of automatic nozzles never be self-rescue. If the probability of self-rescue have been also a few rare small%.

- The system of automatic nozzles is only the 2nd leading system after the smoke detector system automatically. Earlier this means that when there is smoke, the bell will ring alarm (system I have no idea)

- The hose coils located outside the hallway: This kind if placed on the priority ranking after the rescue, the same (if the fire is too large, then this new spending, the average small CO2 fire extinguishing enough already). But please sir that hold the nozzle is not easy, if not through training and practical experience is not something many people hold the spray nozzle (pressure pushing huge shock so often back both ). But one fact is true when large fires occur they all ran away, no one standing there with the self-rescue device at all. It is general human psychology.

- A paradox is that when the big fire is the first priority interrupts power the entire system and resulting fire water pump standing foot , diesel backup systems also stand . The reason is that the design of digital systems lacks conversion calculations , the principle is the loss of power diesel backup . But make it clear that a diesel engine does not run 5-10 years , just waiting for the new fire and lost power to spend , otherwise it is cold for 5-10 years and up to now that fire damage is not explosive topic . This mistake here is the link system designed not to allow rescue run independently extracted and checked periodically for diesel engines . As a result, throughout history there are several fire protection system of professional fire rescue building itself is where .

In building fires last EVN, many ideas for fire protection system that has not come into operation? That is the main reason, but not entirely so. If you have already put into operation, it is not effective. The reason is as follows

  • Causes of fire and ignition of cotton insulation layer of refrigeration systems. If the fire protection system of modern buildings to how much they would never fire rescue when the cold pipe system

1: This pipe system began concrete ceiling, ceiling surface laphong, while probes fire and automatic sprinklers located less than 300mm range should be two fire extinguishing system and smoke detector head automatic sprinkler head is right kind, not the rescue

2: After finishing, ceiling surface covered laphong this system (see below not see anything). If there is fire on the road that do not have sprinklers spray water up, fire fighting system should ultimately fountains also completely helpless.

3 The seamless pipe is cold all the closed position and so even though there is a fire in a certain location, the smoke tubes led to all this information. As for the last EVN is a cited, but little fire smoke covered the entire building

4: Cooling systems have a layer of cotton wrapped around it to keep the heat around the whole system and duct taped around dogs. If any of this tube ignition position then spread the entire system from A to Z. Pipes are galvanized 0.8mm mound with the ability to conduct heat and retain heat extremely fast, so just catch fire is far from extinguished.

5: The system has a first air intake vent so as to create conditions for faster catch fire, and narrow plastic tubes inserted in the flame tube should move extremely fast. The tubes are usually short segments from 200mm to 3000mm and connected by bolts, connectors lined in foam layers 5mm anti deflated to keep pressure, so when the fire is burning foam layer and always revealing slits plus an air intake vent the smoke and flames started to penetrate into the core of this pipeline to go to the place (if this pipe connectors are sealed from the right table)

6: The material of the pipe is galvanized sheets, although inside the tube should not be material to maintain the fire but the zinc coating or in the fire and keeping the fire very quickly lead

Sure many who also think and ask questions as to why the building with reinforced concrete and brick that separates out the fire spread so quickly. Try to visualize a simple shape style if a fire room, how it is spread over in the next room are separated by a wall then?

Many argue that the answer is so diffused in electrical and power systems. The reality is not so, the power system in a room when the fire alarm and the power will be disconnected immediately or if it is short, Asptomat 3 tier system protection and disconnect all jumped. So why electricity will be excluded.

The answer is actually 100% due to spread cold pipe system without preventive measures should cause fire and fire spread is the main culprit causing refrigeration systems. If you want to verify the EVN building fire incident is the most concrete evidence.

I will describe the process of fire spread so people can better visualize.

The first is if there is any fire in a fire at a certain position in the room and caught fire in the vent (mouth refrigeration systems) and cotton layer around the pipe pressure and it will ignite and spread fire started under the tube according to the process described above.

Ngoài ra nó còn lan như sau: Tất cả các hệ thống này đều bắt kín trên trần laphong. Cùng với hàng loạt hệ thống khác, khi lớp bông bắt đầu cháy và lan, nó sẽ lan sang hệ thống ống điện, hệ thống điện nhẹ bằng nhựa ngay trên đầu nó cách 150mm và hệ thống ống nhựa điện nặng. Nghĩa là toàn bộ các ống nhựa luồn dây điện nằm ngay trên đầu ống lạnh bắt lửa 100%. Sát bên cạnh ống lạnh 100mm là máng cáp điện thoại, internet, cáp truyền hình. Nếu có phoi lửa này lọt vào máng này thì lửa cũng bắt đầu lan.

It also spread as follows: All systems are catching on bare laphong closed. Along with numerous other systems, when class starts burning cotton and spread, it will spread to electrical plumbing, electrical systems, plastic light right on its head by 150mm and weighing system electrical plastic pipe. That is all plastic pipe conduit pipe located on the first cold 100% ignition. Next to the cold pipe is 100mm cable tray telephone, internet, cable TV. If this fire had caught the shavings trough the fire began to spread.

Và như vậy là toàn bộ các ống nhựa và dây điện nằm trên sàn laphong đã bắt lửa và tiếp tục con đường dẫn lửa chạy.

And so are all the pipes and wires on the floor laphong caught fire and the fire continued running path

Khi các hệ thống ống này rẽ ngoặt vào từng phòng, đầu tiên là lửa sẽ lan đến miệng lỗ thông hơi trong căn phòng và đốt cháy tấm nhựa kỹ thuật chỗ miệng này. Đầu tiên là cháy và tấm nhựa mềm ra làm cho các lỗ vít vặn tấm nhựa cứng với ống lỏng và bong ra, kết quả là tấm nhựa này rơi xuống sàn và đụng cái gì thì cái đó cháy ngay lập tức.

When the tube system turns sharply into each room, the first fire would spread to the mouth vents in the room and burning mouth plastic seat this technique. The first is the fire and the soft plastic makes the plastic screw holes with him loose and flaking off, the result is this plastic sheet onto the floor and then touching something that the fire immediately.

Chỉ trong thời gian ngắn toàn bộ lửa đã thâm nhập tất cả mọi phòng và đốt cháy toàn bộ hệ thống điện.

Only a short time has penetrated the entire fire all rooms and burn the entire electrical system.

Và kết quả cuối cùng sau khi lực lượng PCCC bên ngoài cật lực làm việc để dập tắt hết lửa thì người chết, người nhập viện, toàn bộ hệ thống tòa nhà bị hư hại, chỉ còn trơ lại bê tông và đập bỏ.

And the end result after fire forces outside working hard to extinguish the fire all the dead, who admitted, the whole system was damaged buildings, bare back and demolished concrete.

Tóm lại, nguyên nhân kỹ thuật trực tiếp và dễ hiểu nhất của hệ quả này là:

In summary, the direct cause of technical and understandable consequence of this is:

- Hệ thống PCCC được thiết kế và thi công không khoa học.

- Hệ thống lạnh thiết kế sai lầm, không tính đến phương án tự ứng cứu.

- Hệ thống lạnh chính là tác nhân chính gây ra thiệt hại toàn bộ cho vụ cháy và thông thường thiết kế và thi công hệ thống PCCC và hệ thống lạnh là do cùng một nhà thầu đảm nhận.

- Hệ thống lạnh càng hiện đại (theo hướng phục vụ cho sự tiện nghi) thì càng treo lơ lửng nguy cơ gây hại cho tòa nhà.

The system is not designed and constructed science.

 - Refrigeration system design mistakes, not taking into account self-rescue plan.

 - Refrigeration system is the main cause of damage to the fire and the whole conventional design and construction of fire protection systems and cooling systems are made ​​by the same contractor to undertake.

 - As modern air conditioning systems (towards serving comfort) is suspended as hazardous to the building.

cho tòa nhà.

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