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Accurate Solutions of industrial refrigerating machine

08:52 AM | 02/12/2013

In this era of of scientific and technological, refrigerating machine is considered an indispensable equipment by the features and the effect it provides. Air conditioner makes the air in the room was maintained stable in temperature, humidity, cleanliness ... Normally, AC mainly use for people, but nowadays, it more widely use in industrial, cooling machinery and equipment, ...

When operating with high capacity or operation to a certain limit, machine usually arising exothermic heat or warm-up leading to incorrect operation, restart, even potentially damaged. Therefore, in addition to warranty work, maintenance, repair properly, on time, machines should be operated in a well-ventilated and cooled frequently.

Toan Cau company introduced Accurate Solutions of  industrial refrigerating machine

 solutions precision industrial air conditioning, giving the cooling method timely, providing the ideal operating conditions, efficiency and high reliability, energy saving for equipment and machine .

Accurate Solutions of  have some advantages as following:

1. Cooling capacity is divided into two parts: the current capacity of cooling (air cooling) and cooling capacity offline (wastage due dehumidified).
-Ability to use up to 95% for cooling capacity (higher 2 times than the normal AC, which use only 50% capacity for moisture separator)

2. Efficient air distribution: continuous monitoring and maintaining the correct temperature, air circulation with flow higher 3 times than the normal AC with the same capacity,cooling load at each corner of the room.

3. Exactly temperature control to within ± 1 ° C (compared with normal AC within ± 3oC)
4. Exactly humidity control: air humidity is too high can cause equipment corrosion, too low to ease static electricity, data loss and equipment damage. industrial refrigerating machine can accurately control air humidity within ± 5% RH.
5. Highly reliable: can operate 24/7, 365 days / year, the reliability of the system up to 99.999%.

Global is proud to bring practical solutions, best quality, best to serve with the aim of responsible the demand and enhance performance, capacity, revenue for the business. Come along with us and feel the air conditioning industry technology Exactly this wonderful

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