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Fire protection systems help safety exit

The aircraft rescue, electric scissor rescue are only means additional emergency vehicles, because of in rescue additions, they can help for rescue with small people. whereas the fire protection system of high-rise buildings and stairs is the way to  the...
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Some issues when designing, installation and using cold storage

Some issues when designing, installation and using cold storage such as: wet slip phenomenon, the phenomenon air slip, circulation in cold storage, slitting cooler ....
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Central air-conditioning system

Central air-conditioning system is a system in which moist heat treatment is conducted at a center channel and is led by the wind to the consumers.
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Air conditioning system dispersion model

Air conditioning system dispersion model include: air conditioning, VRV systems, air conditioning cooling water (WATER CHILLER) ...
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Local Air Conditioning System

Air-conditioner system including air conditioners of 1 block (Window Type), air conditioning, removable type 2 block, air conditioning Multi type - Split type air conditioner blowing 2 strong self by - cabinet stand ...
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Cold storage system

Cold storage warehouse storage is used to preserve foods, agricultural products, vegetables, products of the chemical industry, food industry, light industry, etc. ...
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Fire protection system

Today, along with the possible threat to humans, the fire is one of the dangers that people should be most wary. Consequently, it causes us is very large, it is difficult to measure.
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Power Systems

Vidic M & E founded by engineers with enthusiasm, energy and experience in the field of electric installation, construction and installation of electrical, engineering and design, systems integration automation in the factory and buildings.
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