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Some issues when designing, installation and using cold storage

10:26 AM | 24/10/2013

Some issues when designing, installation and using cold storage such as: wet slip phenomenon, the phenomenon air slip, circulation in cold storage, slitting cooler ....

Air in cold storage have low temperature, when air circulate through the indoor unit, the  significant amount of water has to stop, so the distribution of water vapor pressure in the air chamber smaller than outside. As a result, tend of moisture is penetration into the room through the cladding.

For warehouse, the moisture can penetrate and make insulation wet, thereby diminishing the nature of the insulating material layer. Therefore warehouse have to be tarred and waterproof tar paper liner. Waterproofing wax paper lined 02 required classes, courses must overlap on each other and taped closed, continuous membrane Cuisine on the entire area of ​​flooring.

For panel storge, outside and inside of warehouse have the religion classes, therefore moisture don’t have the ability to reach. However, to avoid sharp objects puncturing the shell panel leads to wet insulation, so in the cold storage as it is often the system of wooden pallets to avoid the trolley panel, sharp objects hit the carriage during displace. Between the panels have a small slits should be sealed with silicone sealant when assembled. Outside the warehouse in factories they buried the range of about 0.8 m high column preventing the truck bumps into cold storage damage.
* The phenomenon of tray foundation due to ice:

Prolonged cold storage warehouse, cold transmission through structural insulated to ground. When the low temperature crystallization of water into ice, this process creates a long accumulation of large rocks as cold storage tray background, destroying building structures.

To prevent the phenomenon tray platform using the following measures:

Create a space below for background ventilation: Installation of cold storage on the