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Air conditioning system dispersion model

10:03 AM | 23/10/2013

Air conditioning system dispersion model include: air conditioning, VRV systems, air conditioning cooling water (WATER CHILLER) ...

- Machine VRV air conditioning system

+ Conditioners Daikin VRV by Japanese company invented first . Currently, most of the manufacturing firms have VRV air-conditioning and under different names , but in terms of nature , there is nothing else .
+ VRV name derives from the English word : Variable Refrigerant Volume , air conditioning system that is able to adjust the flow of fluid circulation and thereby the capacity to change the external load .
+ Conditioning VRV launched to overcome disadvantages of air conditioners is the bulk gas pipeline length , height difference between outdoor unit , indoor unit and refrigeration capacity is limited. With VRV air conditioners can allow long distance between outdoor unit and indoor unit up to 100m and 50m height difference achieved . VRV air-conditioning capacity is achieved average power values ​​.

- Air -cooled air- water ( WATER CHILLER )

+ System air conditioner is the type of water cooling system in the cluster that are not directly handle cold air, cooling water to about 7oC . The water is then led by insulated pipes to the heat exchanger called the FCU and AHU to heat treatment humidifier . Thus, in this system the water used as coolant .
- Capacity Catastrophe : From 5Ton up to thousands Ton - Cold Plumbing compact , allowing for installation in high-rise buildings , office space where small pipe installation . - Operating system stability , reliability and longevity . - The system can reduce the load levels , allowing adjustment capacity under external loads and thus save power while non loading : A machine is composed of 3 to 5 reduction . For large systems one should use multiple clusters of greater reduction level . - Suitable for large or very large projects .
- Must have own computer lab . - Must have a specialized service . - Operation , maintenance and repair is relatively complex . - Energy consumption per unit of cooling capacity , especially when the light load .


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