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Local Air Conditioning System

09:48 AM | 23/10/2013

Air-conditioner system including air conditioners of 1 block (Window Type), air conditioning, removable type 2 block, air conditioning Multi type - Split type air conditioner blowing 2 strong self by - cabinet stand ...

- Air conditioners of 1 block ( Window Type)
+ Window air conditioner as often installed on the wall looks like the so called window air conditioner window form .
+ Format conditioners window air conditioners are small capacity range of 7,000 ÷ 24,000 Btu / h with the following main model 7000 , 9,000 , 12,000 , 18,000 and 24,000 Btu / h . Depending on the model number of air carriers which may be more or less .
- Air conditioning off of 2 blocks
+ Air conditioner outdoor unit leaves and clusters of 2 indoor units are arranged apart . Connecting link between two clusters is the co- lead gas pipe and control wire . Compressors are often located in clusters inside the outdoor unit , the machine's control from the indoor unit via wired controller or remote control .
+ Style conditioners leave small capacity from 9,000 Btu / h ÷ 60,000 Btu / h , including mainly the following models : 9,000 , 12,000 , 18,000 , 24,000 , 36,000 , 48,000 and 60,000 Btu / h . Depending on the manufacturer of the machine model number of each different type .
- Type air conditioners Multi - Split
+ Multi - type air conditioner is essentially Split air conditioner outdoor unit consists of 1 and 2-4 indoor units . Each cluster is known as a cooling coil system . Often these systems operate independently . Each indoor unit operation is not dependent on the other coolers . The air conditioner can pair with the different types of indoor units .
+ Conditioners concatenation has the characteristics and structure similar type air conditioner off . However, due to general outdoor unit space saving installation
- Air conditioning blowing strong liberal type 2 - type cabinet
+ Conditioners blowing freely leave the air conditioners have an average capacity . This is a great machine to be installed in the lobby of the restaurant and offices . The capacity of the plant from 100,000 ÷ 36,000 Btu / h In principle the same as installing air conditioner outdoor unit includes removable , indoor and copper plumbing , electrical wiring connections between them .
+ The advantage of the cold wind is blowing and is circulated directly into the conditioned space so little heat loss , small installation costs . On the other hand the noise level of the machine is small, although the average power , but still can be installed in the room without fear of influence


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