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Cold storage system

10:06 AM | 24/10/2013

Cold storage warehouse storage is used to preserve foods, agricultural products, vegetables, products of the chemical industry, food industry, light industry, etc. ...

Cold storage warehouse storage is used to preserve foods , agricultural products , vegetables , products of the chemical industry , food industry , light industry , etc. ...

Currently used in cold storage food processing industry is widely and proportionately greatest . The types of storage items include:
- The storage of processed foods such as meat , seafood , canned food
- Preserving agricultural products , fruits and vegetables .
- Storage of medical products , pharmaceuticals
- The storage of milk .
- The storage and fermentation .
- Store other products .


There are many types of storage based on the classification of different bases :
* According to one can use the categorization of cold storage as follows :
- Cold storage Preliminary cooled Use preliminary or temporary storage at the food processing plant before moving on to a different stage of processing .
- Warehouse processing , used in the processing plant and food preservation ( canning factories , dairies aquatic animal processing plants , meat export plants etc. .. ) The cold storage of this type usually have large capacity system should be equipped with large cooling capacity . Load of cold storage is always changing due to regular import goods .
- Warehouse distribution and transit : Use it to provide food for area residents , city and long-term storage . Cold storage distribution usually large storage capacity and multiple rows of great significance to the daily life of an entire community .
- Commercial Warehouse : Warehouse cold storage of food items of business systems . Temporary warehouse storage of goods being sold in the market now .
- Warehousing and Transport ( on ships , trains , cars ) is characterized by large capacity storage , each temporary storage to transport from one place to another .
- Storage life : this is a very small inventory used in households , hotels, restaurants preservation using a small volume .
* The temperature is divided in :
- Warehouse cold storage : storage temperature should be between 5 ° C - 2 ° C ÷ . For some tropical fruits and vegetables should be stored at temperatures above docao ( banana > 10o
C , lemon > 4 ° C ) . General items mainly vegetables and agricultural products , particularly frozen items passed . It is the food of animal origin . Storage temperature depends on time , preserved foods . However, the minimum storage temperature must reach - 18oC Decho microorganisms can not grow food damage during storage .
- Versatile Storage : Storage temperature range is - 12oC
- In cold storage : Temperature 0 ° C , used in refrigeration products before moving on to other processing .
- The storage of ice : the minimum storage temperature - 4oC
* The volume contains :
Cold storage size depends mainly on its cargo capacity . Due to the possibility of loading for each kind of different, often phamco
required capacity of the meat tons ( MT - Meet Tons ) . For example, stock 50MT , 100MT Warehouse , Warehouse 150 MT etc. .. khanang is the repository containing 50 , 100 , 150 etc. .. tons of meat .
* The insulation characteristics is divided in :
- Warehouse Building : A warehouse that is structural and architectural construction inside were conducted on the insulation wrap . Warehouse building up a vast area , difficult to install , relatively high cost , not
pretty difficult to remove cell chuyen.Mat measured and other aesthetic and hygienic storage building is not ensured . So now in our country it is little use food storage building DEBAO management .
- Storage panel : tucac be assembled prefabricated polyurethane panels and assembled together by hook camlocking course . Store panels look good , compact and relatively cheap price , very convenient installation , dismantling and storage of food items , agricultural products , medicines , pharmaceuticals etc. ... Currently, many businesses have manufacturing country in the insulation panels to high standards . So most of the industrial enterprises are using food storage panel for storage of goods .

Choose the storage temperature

Food storage temperature must be selected on the basis of technical and economic . It depend upon on the type of product and the preservation of our time . The longer storage period requiring lower storage temperatures.

For winter storage of goods in the European countries people often choose relatively low storage temperatures from - 25oC to - 30oC , in our country generally in a range of - 18oC ± 2 oC . These items should be stored at frozen storage temperature at least equal to the temperature of the product after freezing and thawing to avoid recrystallization to reduce product quality .


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